Eclipse Foundation’s New Open-Source Governance Model for Jakarta EE, Turris MOX Modular Router Campaign and More

News briefs for April 24, 2018.

The Eclipse Foundation announced today a new open-source governance model
and “a ‘cloud native Java’ path forward for Jakarta EE, the new
community-led platform created from the contribution of Java EE.” According
to the press release, with this
move to the community-driven open-source governance model, “Jakarta EE
promises faster release and innovation cycles.” See for more details or to join
the Jakarta EE Working Group.

A Czech Republic company has launched an Indiegogo campaign to create a
modular and open-source router called Turris
. The Turris MOX team claims it’s “probably the first router configurable
as easily as a sandwich. Choose the parts you actually want.” (Source: It’s FOSS.)

Amnesty International’s Technology and Human Rights researcher Joe Westby
recently said that Google “shows total contempt for Android users’
privacy” in reference to the launch of its new “Chat” messaging service: “With its baffling decision to launch a messaging service without end-to-end
encryption, Google has shown utter contempt for the privacy of Android users
and handed a precious gift to cybercriminals and government spies alike,
allowing them easy access to the content of Android users’
communications.” (Source: BleepingComputer.)

SUSE recently announced that SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance
Computing is in the SLE 15 Beta program: “as part of the (upcoming) major
version of SUSE Linux Enterprise 15, SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance
Computing (HPC) is now a dedicated SLE product base on SLES 15. This product
is available for the x86_64 and ARM aarch64 hardware platforms.”
For more info on the SLE 15 Public Beta program, visit here.

According to Phoronix,
the GNOME shell memory leak has been fixed: “the changes are currently
staged in Git for what will become GNOME 3.30 but might also be backported
to 3.28”. See GNOME developer Georges Stravracas’ blog
for more details on the leak and its fix.

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