Linux 4.15 Kernel, GCC, LinuxBoot Project and More Cryptojacking

News briefs for January 29, 2018.

The good: the Linux 4.15 kernel officially has been released. View
the diff here,
also see the Linux Kernel Archives for
more info.

The bad: more work needs to be done to handle Spectre/Meltdown security
vulnerabilities. Linus makes
it clear
that compiler updates will need to
work alongside the kernel ones to help mitigate these issues.

The ugly: unless
you are running GCC 7.3 or later
, you are still not in the

The Linux Foundation recently announced
the new LinuxBoot
Project, which “looks to improve system boot performance and
reliability by replacing some firmware functionality with a Linux kernel
and runtime.”

YouTube recently was caught serving ads with cryptojacking malware,
as reported
by Ars Technica
and others.

Thanks to Petros Koutoupis for his contributions to this article.