New Security Features for Google Cloud Platform, U-Boot Now Includes iSCSI Support and More

News briefs for March 21, 2018.

Google announced several new security features for its Cloud
Platform today, including the Google Security Command Center, VPC Service
and Cloud
. For more details, see the reports on GeekWire,
and TechCrunch.

U-Boot 2018.03 has been released, and it now includes iSCSI support, which allows you to “share complete disks or partitions via the network”. See
the Phoronix
and Xypron’s “iSCSI
booting with U-Boot and iPXE”
for more details.

Saleem Rashid, a 15-year-old from the UK, successfully backdoored the supposedly
tamper-proof Leger cryptocurrency hardware wallet yesterday: “the stealth
backdoor…is a minuscule 300-bytes long and causes the
device to generate pre-determined wallet addresses and recovery passwords
known to the attacker. The attacker could then enter those passwords into
a new Ledger hardware wallet to recover the private keys the old
backdoored device stores for those addresses.” See his blog
and the Ars
for the whole story.

Announced this week at the Game Developers Conference, you’ll soon be
able try
games before installing them on your Android device with Google Play
Instant. It’s still in closed beta, but should be “opening more broadly” later this
year: “it provides a collection of
extensions to the instant apps framework that better support the needs of
game developers; including a higher APK size limit to 10MB, progressive
download support for executable code and game assets, and support for NDK
and game engines using existing tool chains.” See the Android Developers
for more details.

Chrome OS 65 has moved
to the stable channel
, and the build contains many
bug fixes and security updates, including “Intel devices on 3.14 kernels
received the KPTI mitigation against Meltdown with Chrome OS 65” and “all
Intel devices received the Retpoline mitigation against Spectre variant 2
with Chrome OS 65”.