OpenWall’s LKRG, Hitachi Joins the Open Invention Network, xcp-ng Kickstarter Campaign and More

News updates for February 6, 2018.

OpenWall recently announced the Linux
Kernel Runtime Guard
(LKRG), which is “a loadable kernel module that performs runtime
integrity checking of the Linux kernel and detection of security
vulnerability exploits against the kernel. As controversial as this concept
is, LKRG attempts to post-detect and hopefully promptly respond to
unauthorized modifications to the running Linux kernel (integrity checking)
or to credentials (such as user IDs) of the running processes (exploit
detection).” See the wiki
for more information, and support the project on Patreon.

Hitachi has joined the Open
Invention Network
, “the largest patent
non-aggression community in history”. According to Norihiro Suzuki, Vice
President and Executive Officer, CTO of Hitachi, “Open source technology,
especially Linux, drives innovation in areas that are critical to the
customers that we serve, including technologies such as servers, storage,
cloud, converged applications, big data and IoT. By joining Open Invention
Network, we are demonstrating our continued commitment to open source
technology, and supporting it with patent non-aggression in Linux.” See the
for more information.

Recently we reported on the Olivier Lambert’s revival of the Xen Cloud
Platform (XCP) virtualization platform. In an attempt to raise some capital
for the project, xcp-ng, Lambert started a Kickstarter

The GNOME project just announced
the release of WebKitGTK+ 2.19.90.
WebKitGTK+ is the GNOME platform port of the WebKit rendering engine.

An update of Peppermint OS, a lightweight distro based on Lubuntu, was released yesterday
This version “is a security
refresh of the Peppermint 8 ISO images to include all updates to date (as of
3rd Feb 2018), including the Meltdown and Spectre mitigations such as the new
HWE kernel 4.13.0-32 and the latest Chromium web browser version 64.”

Thanks to Petros Koutoupis for his contributions to this article.