Purism Progress Report, Spectre Mitigation for Ubuntu, Malicious Chrome Extensions and More

News briefs for January 18, 2018.

Purism, the group behind the security and privacy-focused Librem 5 phone just recently published a progress report highlighting the latest developments and design decisions to its crowdfunded project. Changes include an even faster processor.

Canonical has made Spectre Variant One and Spectre Variant Two
mitigation availble in Ubuntu Proposed with updated kernels for Ubuntu
14.04 LTS, 16.04 LTS and 17.10. Those kernels will be in the stable
release updates starting January 22, 2018. See ubuntu
for more information.

Icebrg’s Security Research Team reports that more than 500,000 users and businesses may be at risk from downloading
malicious Chrome extensions. Icebrg warns that “removal of the malicious
extension from the Chrome Web Store may not remove it from the impacted
hosts. Additionally, the use of third-party Chrome extension repositories
may still allow the installation of the extensions.”

Due to the popularity of running Azure instances on Linux,
The Linux Foundation has announced a new training course, Administering Linux on Azure (LFS205), which will be taught by Sander van Vugt
(former LJ writer!).

The Unity game engine will be improving its graphics capabilities this
year. See today’s post on the Unity
for more information.